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How To Make Your Wedding Flowers Memorable

By June 10, 2015No Comments

What you choose for the flowers at your wedding help aide in the overall feeling and theme you want your wedding to have. What are the different ways to do that, and what’s trending this year in the wedding flowers world? Read on to find out!

1. Classic and Modern Classic- As much as times have changed, there are still many brides who want their day to be as traditional and timeless as possible. They dreamed of having the classic, ball-like bouquet of one flower. This beautiful, uniform look is often used with one color of roses. The modern twist on this same idea is the romantic luxe of 2015. This look involves the same shape, but not all the same flower. The florist uses lots of different, romantic, full flowers in various complimentary colors, but no fillers. This is an expensive option, but if you have the budget for it, it’s stunning.

2. Garden- The most popular look in 2015 will be “freshly picked from the garden” look. This look has an uneven shape, and sometimes appears to be in a ‘V or ‘L’ shape rather than perfectly round. Instead of the typical commercial flowers, these “natural” bouquets are stocked with plants that appear to be simply gathered from a local meadow. This type of bouquet does not have one or two uniform flowers, it contains lots of different kinds of flowers, vines, branches, and foliage. These are typically larger in size than the classic look, and allow the bride to showcase the landscape of where she’ll be getting married, show an earthy, boho side of herself, and achieve a laid-back feel for the wedding.

3. Color- Depending on the time of year of the wedding, the colors that are being used predominantly change based on what’s in season. For spring weddings, peonies are a very popular choice, as well as light pastel colors. During the summer, coral, turquoise, yellow, and lavender are used a lot to compliment the light, bright season. In 2015, the major change will be the richer, deeper tones making an appearance at a lot of weddings. Some examples are marsala, eggplant, rust, wine, deep raspberry, navy. Pops of these colors throughout very natural looking floral arrangements bring a formal touch to a rustic feel. 

4. Unique wrappings and additives- Many brides are ditching old customs and showing their personality through their bouquets. The two main ways brides are doing this are, 1) adding subtle touches to the bouquet of flowers, and 2) choosing what to wrap the stems in. Many add a little bling throughout the bouquet, some add a few pearls, some a broach, or touch of gold. Others have added feathers, seashells, or pieces of cactus as well. Brides take the opportunity to personalize their bouquets with the wrapping of the stems. Some attach pictures in lockets of loved ones who have passed away, add a charm that signifies their religious convictions, or wrap it with the material of their mother’s wedding dress. 

Now that you have ideas swimming in your head for all of the floral possibilities, it’s time to make it official! If you’re like many brides, you’ve started planning and looking around at possibilities well-before actually getting engaged. If that’s the case and you need a little guidance in engagement ring shopping, click here. Enjoy your engagement, and your new life together as husband and wife!