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The number one thing that sets Wilson Diamonds apart from any other jeweler is our incredible team. Here’s how it works—first we hire the smartest, friendliest people we can find. Second we give them extensive gemological training before they help customers. And finally they share their amazing knowledge with you so you can have an incredible experience and make a great decision. It’s like you’re buying from a best friend who just happens to be a ring and diamond expert.


Meet the REAL people here to make your experience amazing…

Shane Corrigan

I love to do anything with the people I love (my actual family, my friends, and my Wilson Diamonds family), especially if it involves a competition of some type! My favorite thing about Wilson Diamonds is the Staff. I am thankful for them every single day!

Jeff Corrigan

I am a happy husband to the most beautiful woman on the planet and a proud father of two little studs. I live by the philosophy that ANYTHING is possible with faith and action. What I love most about Wilson Diamonds is getting to work with happy people and make their experience magical.

Brittany “Fish” Lewis

My name is Brittany, but everyone calls me Fish because of my maiden name, Fishback. I’ve worked at Wilson Diamonds since 2012 and I love braiding, cat videos, and rollercoasters. If I’m not at Wilson Diamonds, I’m probably hiking or watching Haters Back Off.

Rachel Oslund

My claim to fame is that I used to be the #1 search result when you googled “wisdom teeth swelling.” I love Netflix, sour punch straws, and holding puppies. Every Tues and Fri I guilt-trip my coworkers into braiding my hair. If I didn’t work at Wilson’s, I could probably be an esthetician because of how much I research skin products. My favorite thing about Wilson’s is all my friends who work with me.

Becca Barton

Andie Bryce

I love good food, braids, Hamilton, and traveling with my husband! My favorite places we’ve been are Greece and Scotland! The best thing about Wilson’s is designing rings and getting to help so many awesome people!

Jonathan Stones

I love food, music, and Amazon Prime… who doesn’t like getting packages?! It’s like Christmas everyday! My favorite things about Wilson Diamonds are the peeps and the rings!

Contessa Ott

I’m a winged eyeliner master, Flamin’ Hot Cheetos lover and hater of all small talk. I spend most of my time watching Netflix while avoiding my real talents like painting and yoga. Honestly 8/10 would recommend me.

Taryn Wilde

I’m from Texas. I love Chick-fil-A and photography. My favorite thing about working at Wilson’s is the people I work with. We are all like a huge family here and it makes coming to work every day awesome! Looking at diamonds all day is pretty cool too!

Sam Golden

My name is Sam like green eggs and ham. I love nutrition, fitness and spending time laughing with my husband. Wilson Diamonds is amazing because they are dedicated to creating your dream ring coupled with a wonderful experience. That was my Wilson experience and now I’m able to create that experience for others.

Heather Herrick

The best project ever is raising my 5 kids. I also love musical theatre and running. My favorite thing about Wilson Diamonds is the laid back vibe and amazing selection of gorgeous rings!

Evan Crespo

I love superhero movies (especially Batman), watches, and Hawaiian haystacks. I also like running, but I don’t do it much because I haven’t been in shape since high school. I love working at Wilson Diamonds because I love working with people who are at a really exciting time in life.

Josh Buckner

Bret Purdy

I love long romantic walks to the fridge and long romantic talks about the McDonalds Dollar Menu. I’m currently a student at BYU and will graduate when the sun goes cold—that four year plan just isn’t in my future. My favorite thing about Wilson Diamonds is the staff! Every day is like a family reunion…minus that aunt you hate, and minus the funeral potatoes.

Abby Joffs

I’m all about good eats and sick beats. My favorite thing about Wilson Diamonds is the COOKIES.

Lisa Paulich

Mama of 9, Grandma of 15 and now they call me Mama here at Wilson’s! A Mama is what I always wanted to be and I love it! I  love working at Wilson Diamonds with such amazing people! It’s a joy to share in the excitement of our customers picking up their rings. Plus I get to look at sparkling diamonds every day…this is a happy place!! My favorite feel good song…
“Happy” Pharrell Williams “

Jake Perrault

Nothing makes me happier than In-N-Out burgers and an intense game of ping pong. My favorite thing about Wilson Diamonds is the staff!

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