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The number one thing that sets Wilson Diamonds apart from any other jeweler is our incredible team. Here’s how it works—first we hire the smartest, friendliest people we can find. Second we give them extensive gemological training before they help customers. And finally they share their amazing knowledge with you so you can have an incredible experience and make a great decision. It’s like you’re buying from a best friend who just happens to be a ring and diamond expert.


Meet the REAL people here to make your experience amazing…

Shane Corrigan

I love to do anything with the people I love (my actual family, my friends, and my Wilson Diamonds family), especially if it involves a competition of some type! My favorite thing about Wilson Diamonds is the Staff. I am thankful for them every single day!

Jeff Corrigan

I am a happy husband to the most beautiful woman on the planet and a proud father of two little studs. I live by the philosophy that ANYTHING is possible with faith and action. What I love most about Wilson Diamonds is getting to work with happy people and make their experience magical.

Brittany “Fish” Lewis

My name is Brittany, but everyone calls me Fish because of my maiden name, Fishback. I’ve worked at Wilson Diamonds since 2012 and I love braiding, cat videos, and rollercoasters. If I’m not at Wilson Diamonds, I’m probably hiking or watching Haters Back Off.

Carolynn Jones

I love being part of the Wilson Diamonds Team! It’s so cool to see our customers’ love stories and feel their excitement. When I’m not at work, I love eating delish food I didn’t cook, hanging with my awesome nieces and nephews, traveling, or just re-watching Parks & Rec again! 

Rachel Oslund

I love Netflix, sour punch straws, and holding puppies. Every Tues and Fri I guilt-trip my coworkers into braiding my hair. If I didn’t work at Wilson’s, I could probably be an esthetician because of how much I research skin products. My favorite thing about Wilson’s is all my friends who work with me.

Sage Watson

It’s a good thing I like adventure, surprises, and a good challenge, because life always seems to provide them all! Some of my best adventures include traveling with my kiddos. I also love learning new things, nature, hiking, and exploring history. Wilson Diamonds is an amazing environment and my favorite things about working here are the incredible people and being able to bring beautiful designs to life!

Contessa Ott

I’m a winged eyeliner master, Flamin’ Hot Cheetos lover and hater of all small talk. I spend most of my time watching Netflix while avoiding my real talents like painting and yoga. Honestly 8/10 would recommend me.

Abby Joffs Weiss

My name is Abby and I’m all about good eats and sick beats. My favorite thing about Wilson Diamonds is the COOKIES!!

Lisa Paulich

Mama of 9, Grandma of 15 and now they call me Mama here at Wilson’s! A Mama is what I always wanted to be and I love it! I  love working at Wilson Diamonds with such amazing people! It’s a joy to share in the excitement of our customers picking up their rings. Plus I get to look at sparkling diamonds every day…this is a happy place!! My favorite feel good song… “Happy” by Pharrell Williams

Becca Perrault

I grew up in Utah and I love to be outside and play! I enjoy hiking, swimming, rock climbing, and running, I danced for 18 years. I love ice cream and treats. One of the many things I love about Wilson Diamonds are the people I work with! Everyone is so kind and willing to help, they are family! 

Heather Herrick 

Hey! I’m Heather. The best project ever is raising my five kids. I also love musical theatre and running. My favorite thing about Wilson Diamonds is the laid back vibe and the amazing selection of gorgeous rings!

Josh Buckner

I love skiing, traveling, and trying new foods! My wife and I recently spent time in Europe, Asia, and South America over the summer and we can’t wait to keep exploring. I’m from NYC and miss it almost always. My favorite thing about Wilson’s is getting to work with some of my best friends everyday!

Jake Perrault

Hey! My name is Jake and nothing makes me happier than In-N-Out burgers and an intense game of ping pong. I really love helping couples find their dream rings, spending time with my coworkers, and obviously working with my wife Becca. My favorite thing about Wilson Diamonds is the staff!

Derek Matheson

I’m Derek! I’m from Richland, Washington. I love sports, the outdoors, an binge watching the Office on repeat. I love the massive selection of rings and diamonds we carry. And the cookies. Don’t forget about the cookies.

Aidan Swainston 

I’m from Las Vegas, I play guitar, and I love Mexican food. Also you should remember my name because one day I’m gonna be a rock star. I’m studying genetics at BYU. I love Wilson’s because of the integrity of all the employees and their desire to help customers get the best deal possible. Plus the store has the coolest vibe ever! 

Jacob Barnes

I love all things sports! If you came diamond shopping to talk about football, I’m your guy! I also throw javelin for the BYU track team, but don’t worry, I haven’t hit anyone. Yet.   

Josh Kewene-Hite 

I’ve lived everywhere, and I loved every second. I love languages, podcasts, sports, books, amazing food, and rolling with the homies. Wilson’s is amazing because the people are the best and I learn new things every day! 

Abbey Searle Bogh

My name is Abbey like a building for nuns and monks. I have an intense obsession with In-N-Out and reality TV. I’m an excel wizard and lover of accounting. I love working here at Wilson Diamonds because of all the opportunities it gives me to work with awesome people and look at beautiful jewelry!   

Karanda Heimuli

I’m Karanda! I’m a Gemini, I love Disney, and I can tell you whatever you want to know about Henry VIII and all his wives, and I can see ghosts! I love to read, write, go for mountain drives, look at the stars, travel, and play Mario Kart with my family! My favorite part of Wilson is that it’s close to JCW’s and I get to work with my buddy Jaylin!!   

Sydney Bucker

Hi I’m Sydney, I’m from Gilbert, Arizona. I like to read, ski, and I think Del Taco is better than Taco Bell. My favorite place I’ve ever been is Thailand and my favorite place I’ve ever eaten is Nando’s in London. My favorite part of working here is hanging out with my friends and meeting so many happy people! 

Nate Haruch

I’m currently studying marketing at BYU! I was born in Provo and grew up in Springville. Ballroom dancing, singing, and the outdoors, sports,e ating food, and spending time with family and friends, “these are a few of my favorite things!” After coming with my wife to Wilson Diamonds to pick out her ring and having such a great experience, it’s such a privelege to create that for others!

Maddie Swainston

Hi! I’m Maddie! I’m from Utah and I served my mission in Georgia! I’m studying respitory therapy at UVU. I enjoy drawing, taking pictures, and watching movies! My favorite part of working at Wilson Diamonds is getting to help couples and spending time with all the people on our staff!!  

Jaylin Watson

Hi! I’m Jaylin! I’m from Spanish Fork and I love to be outside and go boating! I love working with rings and I love everything about weddings! My favorite thing about working at Wilson is getting to help couples design their dream rings. My favorite part of each day is hanging out with Karanda!

Margaret Herrick

Hi! I’m Margaret and I grew up in NYC and Greeley, Colorado. I love doing theater, playing piano, and singing! An ideal Sunday would consist of baking treats for friends, doing a jigsaw puzzle, and watching a Jane Austen movie. I love working at Wilson Diamonds because our customers are so happy to be there finding their dream ring! Also, my coworkers are the actual best.   


Emma Marcois

I’m from the D.C. area, studying gemology online and philosophy at BYU. In my spare time I love dancing and being with friends, and when summer comes it’s time for fishing and working on my car!

Anna Croft 

My name is Anna and I’m from the suburbs of Portland, Oregon. (Vancouver, Washington if you want to get specific!) I’m studying Public Health at BYU. When I’m not at work or doing homework, find me on a search for the best Thai food in the greater Provo area, watching the Blazers, or rewatching Schitt’s Creek or New Girl for the millionth time. I love being at Wilson because everyone is willing to help! 

Lauren Buchanan 

Hi! I’m Lauren, I studied journalism at BYU and love learning new things. Summer is my season, and when it’s warm outside you can find me playing tennis, pickleball, volleyball, or perpetually poolside. I also love a good book or a solid movie night. Don’t get me started on Star Wars, LoTR, or Harry Potter. Or do and expect a really long, in-depth, nerdy conversaton. I’m excited to be here! 




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