Cleaning and polishing:

Come in anytime for your ring to be cleaned  in the ultrasonic cleaner. This only takes a few minutes and is completely free.

Gold is fairly soft, so over time you’ll notice some wear in your ring. Make an appointment to leave your ring with us and our goldsmith will polish, steam clean and make it look as good as new.  This is completely free too!


When you bring your ring to the store for cleaning, one of our team will inspect your ring for any possible problems and advise you about needed repairs. There is no charge for this inspection. Our team is trained to detect issues with your diamonds and spot problems that can occur in your ring. After the first year, we request that you take advantage of this service at least once every twelve months to keep your warranty up to date.


Sometimes it takes time to figure out if you like how your ring fits once you start wearing it regularly. Because you can’t know until it’s on your finger, we will size the ring for free in the first 30 days until you’re happy with it and the ring fits comfortably.*

*This applies to precious metal (gold, platinum, palladium) engagement rings. Men’s bands and other metals may not  qualify for free resizing.


If you purchase your wedding band at Wilson Diamonds you can have it soldered to your engagement ring for free. Soldering is a goldsmithing process that connects your rings so they are stuck together.  An added bonus is that you receive all the promises that we’ll take care of your wedding band the same as way we do your engagement ring.

Rhodium Plating:

White gold undergoes a chemical process called rhodium plating that gives it that shiny silver color. Over time, this plating will dull and needs to be redone. If the ring of your dreams is made of white gold, we will help you keep it looking beautiful with one free rhodium plating a year, for life.


With your ring purchase you will also receive an official appraisal verifying the monetary value of your ring. This is a valuable service that can be an added expense elsewhere. Because fine jewelry often represents important events and can even become an heirloom to be passed down through generations, we are happy to provide you with this needed documentation that allows you to purchase insurance. We recommend doing this to protect your ring from loss, theft and more extensive damage that wouldn’t be covered under the warranty.

Replacement of Small Stones:

If any of the small diamonds fall out of your ring in the first year, we’ll replace them completely free of charge. Gold is malleable and changes shape over time to fit your finger. This can change how the small prongs on pave settings hold the diamonds. Because of this it’s common to have a few stones fall out in the first year. If that happens don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. If the diamonds on your ring are channel set, they are much less likely to fall out, but if they do, we will replace them for free as well.  After the first year we ask you to get the ring inspected every 6 months by us or another member of the American Gem Society; if you do this, we’ll continue to warranty the stones on the ring.*

*After some time, typically 5-10 years, there will be some repairs needed that are due to wear and tear such as prong tipping and other minor things. These repairs are not covered under the warranty, but are usually small and inexpensive.

Many center stones are covered in our warranty as well. If the combined price of your ring and center stone (diamond or moissanite) is $2000 or less, we will replace it for free if it falls out due to poor craftsmanship in the ring.* This almost never happens, but we still want to put your mind at ease. Rings and center stones over $2000 are evaluated on a case-by-case basis. If your ring has not been inspected in the last 6 months, (after the first year) then we do not warranty a center stone that falls out, but we can give discounts on a new stone.**

*We do not warranty a diamond that has been set in a ring purchased from a jeweler other than Wilson Diamonds.

**We highly recommend using your free appraisal and insuring your ring and center stone through an outside company in case of loss or theft. Insurance can be as low as $20 a year.

Clarity Enhancement:

Some of our diamonds are clarity enhanced. This means they have undergone a method to visibly decrease the appearance of one of the diamonds natural inclusions. Clarity enhanced diamonds should not be cleaned in the ultrasonic cleaner because the high frequency can knock out the enhancement. However, it sometimes still happens that the enhancement is knocked loose. Don’t worry, we will replace it at no cost to you, for life.  

Repair of Defects in Gold:

We warranty the craftsmanship of your setting from any defects not caused by wear and tear. Occasionally if a ring wasn’t cast properly problems can arise. This is unusual, but if it happens, we will either fix the problem or replace the ring.  


We guarantee free trade-in of your diamond or moissanite for life.* If you want to upgrade your moissanite or diamond  you will be able to use your full purchase price towards a diamond of the same shape and type.* This means you can get a higher quality or larger diamond in the future with no restrictions on how much you have to spend.

*Diamond trade or exchange is not available on clearance diamonds (heavily discounted).

**Round for any shape, fancy shapes for same shape, not including clarity enhanced, larger size diamond of 1.5 carats or more will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Moissanites may be traded for lab grown or mined diamonds. Mined diamonds may be traded for any other type of diamond. Lab grown diamonds may only be traded for lab grown diamonds.

We will take care of you to the best of our abilities, and we don’t have a bunch of fine print that will cause you to void the services we have promised to offer. However, there are some limitations to the warranty. Find out what these are below.

What’s Not Covered:


Jewelry that is worn on a daily basis may be damaged from the variety of things that can happen in life. Please take care of your ring as retipping and goldsmithing may become necessary later down the road at a regular jewelers rate charge.

Wear and Tear:

Because gold is soft it will slowly wear away at areas of the ring that experience lots of friction and contact. It’s not a defect in the ring; it’s just something that happens over time. Similar to other purchases, you can expect to do some maintenance for the upkeep of your ring. The most common types of wear and tear are the small prongs on pave settings and the bottom of your band. The cost for this isn’t covered under the warranty, but if you are getting your regular inspections we’ll be able to advise you when these services are necessary. (See Retipping & Additional Goldsmithing)


Stones other than diamond, moissanite, morganite, sapphire and ruby are not covered under warranty. This is primarily due to their softness and inherent fragility. We can’t set them as tightly and they are much more likely to scratch as you wear them. The good news is these stones are typically far less expensive to replace than the stones we warranty.

Although diamonds can’t be scratched except by other diamonds, all stones can chip if hit hard enough or in a particular spot. Chipping a diamond is not covered under warranty as it is damage caused to the stone. But if you do chip your diamond or other center stone, we will do our best to help you have it recut and salvaged.

Retipping & other Goldsmithing

Prongs are the small bits of gold that hold your diamond in place. With pave set stones, the prongs will wear down as they experience friction against your fingers or things they touch through normal daily wear. As this happens the stones can become loose and fall out, so the prongs will eventually need to be retipped with a small amount of gold. While we will always tighten the stones for free, retipping of prongs is not covered under the warranty. How often you need to re-tip varies from person to person, that’s why we ask you to have your ring inspected so we can catch the prongs wearing down before any stones are lost.

The bottom of the band (or shank) will slowly wear down with time and need to be rebuilt. Again, how often this needs to happen varies person to person and ring to ring. When you receive your inspections we will advise you if there is a need to build up the band again, but the cost will be your responsibility.

If your ring has a crown holding in the center stone, these prongs will eventually wear down as well and the crown will need to be replaced. Again, timing varies on this, but the average is 8-10 years.

Stones from elsewhere:

The warranty doesn’t cover stones purchased or obtained from someplace other than Wilson Diamonds. If you purchase a ring from us but have your own stone, we will warranty the ring only.


We will shed some tears with you if this happens, but will not be able to replace your ring at no cost.  As life is unpredictable, this is another great reason to have your ring insured.

As explained above (Replacement of Stones), if you lose a diamond or moissanite due to a defect in the ring, we will replace it up to $2,000.

Outside the warranty period:

To keep the warranty active we ask that you get the ring inspected every 12 months by us or a member of the American Gem Society. If you miss an inspection and something happens that would typically be covered under the warranty you will have to pay the goldsmithing charge that time. This does not void your warranty. After the single service, your warranty will be reinstated for a further 12 months until the next inspection. Most goldsmithing charges are under $100, but depending on what happens it may cost more.

The goal of the inspection is to prevent issues with the ring rather than wait for something to go wrong and then repair it. For example, if you are getting your ring inspected regularly, we will most likely be able to catch stones before they fall out and advise appropriate goldsmithing services.

Other Goldsmiths:

We do not warranty goldsmithing done by any goldsmiths other than our own.  We are meticulous in the selection and hiring of our goldsmiths because not all goldsmiths possess the same skill and craftsmanship. Depending on the work done it may void the warranty. Please contact us before having any work done on your ring. If you now live outside the area, you may ship your ring to us for needed maintenance and warranty work. For instructions, go here. You are responsible for all shipping charges incurred for warranty and other repairs.

What’s required of you:

We ask that you get the ring inspected every 12 months after picking your ring up. This helps us prevent repairs. It’s completely free and takes about 10 minutes. Just bring the ring into our location or any member of the American Gem Society and ask them to clean and inspect the ring and to sign the warranty card we give you. Doing this extends the warranty for an additional 12 months. If you go past the 12 months without having the ring inspected, and upon inspection everything is fine, the warranty simply picks back up. If repairs are needed, you would be responsible for the repairs and the warranty would pick back up following those repairs. If you need help locating a AGS store go to https://www.americangemsociety.org/en/find-a-jeweler

Feel free to call us with any questions!


I bent my ring is that covered under the warranty?

No, bending a ring is considered wear and tear and so is not covered under the warranty. In most instances it’s an easy repair and is fairly inexpensive.

I just had a small diamond fall out, what do I do?

Don’t worry about it. If your warranty is up to date we’ll replace it for free. If not you’ll pay a small charge. If you can’t find the small diamond don’t worry, we can still replace it

My prongs need to be retipped, is that under the warranty?

If you’ve had the ring for under a year we’ll retip them for free. If not it’s considered wear and tear and isn’t covered under the warranty.

How often do I need to get the ring checked?

After the first year and then every 6 months after that.

Do I have to come to Provo every 6 months

No, any member of the American Gem Society can clean and inspect the ring


Is the center stone included in the warranty?

If it’s a diamond, moissanite, Morganite, sapphire or ruby and you purchased it from Wilson Diamonds than it is covered up to $2000 if due to a faulty ring. We highly recommend insuring your ring in case of loss, damage, or theft. 

Is rhodium plating free?

Rhodium plating is totally free for the first year and once every year following, for life.

My ring was stolen, is that in the warranty?

No, unfortunately we can’t cover lost or stolen rings. It’s one reason we recommend purchasing outside insurance.

Is damage covered under the warranty?

Damage due to wear and tear is not covered under the warranty.

I'm out of state and need work done on my ring, what do I do?

Feel free to mail the ring to us and we can do the work  for you. If the goldsmithing is under warranty it’s free but we do ask you to cover shipping.

In the case of shattered tungsten men’s band there is a small shipping charge to cover sending the ring back to the manufacturer. This is because tungsten is made to shatter and it’s not necessarily due to a defect in workmanship.

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