Ring Care

Tips for keeping your ring clean and bright



Daily Care Tips

  • Remove your ring while working out, rock climbing, Swimming, gardening etc.


  • Consider removing your ring when sleeping at night


  • Remove your ring before applying lotion and/or makeup


  • The rest of the time show it off!


Weekly Care Tips

Use Wilson Diamonds Foaming Jewelry Cleaner

  • Fill cleaner lid or small container with 2-3 pumps


  • Place ring in foam and let sit for 30-60 seconds


  • Work into hard to reach places with soft brush


  • Rinse well & repeat if necessary


Pro Tips

Tip #1: Chlorine will ruin your ring with prolonged contact. Remove your ring when  in contact with chlorine or other harsh chemicals e.g. swimming, hot tubbing, cleaning.


Tip #2: Deep cleaning your ring every 30-90 days at Wilson Diamonds can prolong the brilliant shine you love. Stop by anytime. It’s free and takes 5-10 minutes.


Tip #3: Review our Lifetime Warranty for more info



Every 6-12 Months

You are required to have your ring inspected every 12 months to *renew/maintain your lifetime warranty. It’s free and only takes 5-10 minutes. Just bring your ring into our provo location or to any member of the American Gem Society (AGS)  and ask them to clean and inspect the ring and to sign you warranty card.


*If you go longer than 12 months without having your ring inspected, your warranty will not be void but will lapse until your ring is inspected again. See the Warranty for full details.


Polishing & Sizing

Polishing: Gold is relatively soft so overtime you’ll notice some wear on your ring. As part of your lifetime warranty our goldsmith will polish and steam clean your ring. It will look like new!


Sizing: Free *sizing within the first 30 days of picking up your ring. Your fingers do change size throughout your life. Wilson Diamonds offers the best goldsmithing prices. Come in to meet with a sizing expert find your perfect fit. Cost is determined by metal type, color, size change and weight of your ring—on average you will pay between $40-$80 for sizing.


*Some restrictions apply to free sizing e.g. precious metals only. See warranty for limitations on sizing.


We Help You Maintain Your Ring

  • Rhodium Plating: White gold rings are plated in rhodium to make them white (silver) and give them extra shine. This service (normally $80-$120) is included FREE (once per year) with your warranty to help keep your ring shiny and bright! (Approx. 5-10 days)


  • Free Cleaning & Inspection: Bring your ring in to our store anytime for a cleaning and inspection. (Approx. 5-10 minutes)


  • Free Polish & Deep Clean: Leave your ring with us for our goldsmith to steam clean and polish. It will look like NEW! (Approx. 5-10 days)


See warranty for details.

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