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Meet The Team

The Wilson Diamond’s team puts the company mission into practice. When you visit us or call us, you’ll experience friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable staff who are truly there to make your experience with us enlightening and enjoyable. 

We actively search for individuals who embody our company ideals and who are hungry to learn and grow personally as well as professionally. Most of our team is hired from the pool of students attending college in the area. They are bright, kind, professional, and ready to help you navigate the in’s and out’s of the ring purchasing process. Others have been working in the business longer and have years of experience and knowledge that they readily share and train others on. We are a team that lifts and helps one another excel. 

Each and every member of the team undergoes extensive training on all the areas relevant to their particular job and the running of the business. They shadow coworkers, are encouraged to ask questions, and are equipped with all the help they need when it comes to hands-on work. Our team is committed to making your experience with us the best–something you’ll get to witness first-hand when you come see us. 

Shane Corrigan

Jeff Corrigan

Carolynn Jones

Brittany Lewis

Sage Watson

Rachel Oslund

Heather Herrick

Heather Herrick

Ben Nelson

Harley Hamilton

Karanda Heimuli

Alexa Jackson

Anna Croft

Lucy Fullmer

Aubrey Sloop

Ashley Sorensen

Jess Hansen

Abby Weiss

Sydney Copeland

Aubrey Risenmay

Matt Hansen

Summer McDaniel

Emma Marcois