An Experience You’ll Love

Friendly Team

Like buying from your best friend who’s a ring and diamond specialist.

Friendly, NEVER pushy, team to guide you. Our goal is to hire the friendliest, smartest people we can find, who usually have zero previous sales experience. Then we take 3-6 months to train them on how to best guide you in making a great decision on a ring and diamond. You’ll notice an immediate difference here. Meet The Team.

We’re committed to giving you excellent support and education without the pressure so you can make the right choice for you.

Pushy is not our style. Here you can take your time and make a good decision.

Endless Selection

A HUGE selection of popular, original and modern ring styles.

We have 45+ years of ring and diamond experience and are constantly on the lookout for what’s trending so we always have the freshest most exciting ring styles available.

Design your very own custom ring from scratch! With the help of our amazing custom team, you can make the ring of your dreams that will match the finest quality standards.

Affordable Quality

Using the latest ring design and casting technologies, our in-house goldsmith and partner custom team guarantee the highest quality at our best price.

We define affordable as you getting the highest quality ring for the best price. With 45+ years of building and nurturing relationships, we’re confident you’ll get the best value here. Don’t just take our word for it, check out our reviews on Google.

Your ring is backed up with our incredible, FREE lifetime warranty.

Since 1974: Three generations of rings

We’ve been around long enough to have made your grandma’s engagement ring. Many of our customers today are the third generation of families we served 45+ years ago. That’s just one more way you know we’ll take care of you and your ring for a lifetime.

Family-owned and operated since 1974. We stay true to our foundations by bringing you the highest quality rings and the friendliest service at a better price.

Founded on tradition with a vision for the future, Wilson Diamonds is always working to stay relevant and fresh. We consistently update our styles to stay on-trend. We work hard to find the best, legitimate sources for diamonds and rings to keep our prices low and while maintaining a high standard of quality. The future is bright and we’re here to stay!

Our Mission

At Wilson Diamonds we strive to create a comfortable, unforgettable experience that leads to happy beginnings. Here you’ll always be treated like a friend, with a helpful specialist to educate and guide you in finding your dream ring.

Lifetime Care

This is a long-term relationship for us—we stand behind our rings!

A diamond ring is one item that you’ll want to hold onto for a long time. More than just another gift, it’s a symbol of love and unity. You’ll have this ring for many years to come. At Wilson Diamonds you can be sure you’ll always be well taken care of.
Free Lifetime Warranty on every ring we sell!

  • We stand behind our work
  • In-house goldsmithing
  • Maintain your warranty anywhere in the U.S.

Customer Education


Not just the basic 4Cs, all the important details you’ll need to make a smart decision and get a great deal.

Each of our consultants has extensive gemological diamond and ring training so they can better explain things and guide you in the ring buying experience.

Tailored Solutions

Here you’ll find we want to work with you to discover your wants and needs so we can better tailor a solution specific to you.

Match what you want with what you can afford.

Never get pushed into a decision before you’re ready.

Design your custom ring from scratch with the guidance of our ring consultants and help from our custom design team.

No need to sacrifice quality for price—here you can have both!

The whole story

The whole story means full disclosure and no surprises. You can expect to get what was promised.

All the relevant info for you to make an informed decision.

No surprise costs (hidden fees or undisclosed extras).

You should always get the whole story at Wilson Diamonds; however, as hard as we try, we still miss things sometimes. Just know if we miss something, we’ll work with you to make it right.

The Happy Beginnings Promise


A fun, simple, zero pressure shopping experience

The best quality at a remarkable value, guaranteed!

Unbeatable selection of engagement rings and loose diamonds

To educate you so you can make a smart buying decision

The friendliest, expert team anywhere

To be reasonable and fair, and to always look for the win/win solution

An incredible, lifetime warranty to show we ALWAYS stand behind our work

Whether this is your first stop or a stop among many, you’ll notice an immediate difference at Wilson Diamonds. With the best prices, amazing selection and a super friendly experience, your ring shopping journey should begin and end here. That way your beginning can be the happiest ever.

To Happy Beginnings!

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