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Are Wilson Diamond prices competitive?

Yes, they are. Ask one of our ring specialists about competitive pricing when you come in to see us. 

How are your prices so low?

When you purchase from us, you aren’t paying for the middle man. We’ve been in business for decades, and during that time, we’ve built up relationships with diamond cutters from all over the world. We also pay for all our diamonds upfront, which means we pay a percentage less than if we were to take them on loan. 

Where is Wilson Diamond’s located?

Our storefront is in Provo, Utah. You can find our exact address by google searching us. 

Why should I buy a diamond from Wilson?

We guarantee the lowest price, won’t haggle with you, offer 100% upgrade credit on diamonds and moissanites, have a selection of the latest ring styles, offer custom ring design, offer incredible service and quality, and you’ll never be pushed to buy. 

Is it available in my country?

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Ring and Diamond Care

How do I clean and care for my ring?

Gold is soft, so it’s best to avoid wearing your ring in situations where it might get banged up, catch on something, or be bent. Diamonds, on the other hand, are very hard. There’s pretty much nothing you can do to damage them. So any precautions you take will be for the sake of your actual ring. 

Over time, rings will gather buildup of dirt just from day-to-day wear. Use warm water and a bit of soap to soak and gently clean your ring. Avoid cleaning your ring in your sink—don’t want it to fall down the drain. You can also bring your ring into us any time for a cleaning. 

What’s covered in your warranty?

We offer a full, lifetime warranty. Check out more information on current website

Do you provide appraisals?

Any item over $500 will come with an appraisal. Anything else can be appraised on request. We can provide an appraisal for any piece of jewelry you purchase from us. We also provide appraisals for jewelry from other locations for a fee. 

Do you offer additional coverage?

We don’t provide insurance coverage, but we do recommend you get your jewelry insured. We have several main insurance options we recommend to cover anything our warranty doesn’t (lost, damaged, stolen, etc.).