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The Hottest 2015 Wedding Color Trends

By June 10, 2015No Comments

One of the first things brides think about after getting engaged is their wedding colors. Here is a guide for the newest, hottest wedding colors trends for this year. 

1. Neutrals- Many brides are opting for light beige, nude, cream, champagne, and ivory tones for their wedding colors. This creates an understated, elegant tone for the wedding. For brides who want just a touch of color mixed in, adding a very light color that doesn’t demand a lot of attention can be the perfect solution. For example, light shades of blush, mint, blue, sage, and lavender. The softer tones were popular in 2014, and it seems to be continuing for weddings this year. They evoke a soft, romantic mood for the event, and usually compliment most skin tones.

2. Vintage- Vintage-inspired weddings are becoming more popular as well. In the past silver was the popular choice to add to other colors for sparkle, and now gold and rose gold are much more trendy. Some brides are making shades of gold the overall color scheme, but most are using it to compliment other colors they choose. Popular options are navy and gold, black and gold, peach and gold, rose gold with light pink or light blue. If you love the vintage look, find some key pieces to use as your inspiration and use those colors for your wedding. Vintage colors, decor, and wardrobe create a timeless atmosphere, and allow for the Bride’s style and personality to show through. 

3. Bold Colors- Bold colors are back! Some choose to pair one bold color with one softer color, others pick a few bold colors that compliment one another. The most popular this year are turquoise, eggplant, aqua, coral, emerald, yellow, and last but not least, marsala. These colors help you to better define a distinct theme for your wedding. For example, if you’re sick of serious, boring weddings and want to show your spunk, you might choose yellow and gray for a casual feel. If you want the event to be more formal, marsala with gold will add all the beauty and elegance you’re looking for. 

4. Seasonal Choices- Some brides are choosing colors to best compliment the setting of the wedding or the season. For the most part, lighter colors are being chosen for spring and summer and darker colors for fall and winter. Beautiful fall wedding colors are burnt orange, rustic yellow, and brown. For a winter wonderland wedding, pair silver with light blue and white. Use your surroundings as inspiration and your wedding will be cohesive and stunning.

Got the scoop on the latest wedding colors but still looking for the perfect ring? Many brides start planning before the actual proposal so that they can get everything done in time. If you are still in the market for a gorgeous ring, here’s a ring guide to help you find the perfect one. 

Enjoy your engagement!