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Welcome to Luxury Rewards!

Thank you for joining the Luxury Rewards prelaunch. 

This is a one-of-a-kind program designed to help you discover, save for, and purchase the fine jewelry you want in the most effortless and rewarding way possible. 

Below are just a few things you’ll want to know as you prepare for the program launch.


Q: When will the program go live?

A: A beta version of the program is set to launch no later than December of 2023


Q: How do I set up monthly payments?

A: You will be notified via email when the program goes live, at which time you will be invited to add a payment method of your choosing and select your monthly preload amount.


Q: When do I get my prelaunch matching bonus rewards?

A: Matching rewards from your prelaunch investment will be applied to your account when the beta  program launches. If you would like to apply your prelaunch investment, not your rewards, of $25 or $50 to a purchase before the program launches, you may do so without forfeiting your bonus rewards. Note: preloaded funds and rewards  amounts are being tracked in a separate system prior to program launch. Please email for inquiries.


Q: What can I use my Preloaded funds and Rewards Points to buy?

A: Preloaded funds and Rewards Points can be applied to any jewelry purchase from Wilson Diamonds. Currently all purchases must be made in store, over the phone or via text. An ecommerce platform is currently in development and will launch in early 2024. At which time you can use preloaded funds and points accrued in Luxury Rewards to purchase online as well as in store. Note: Access to Rewards Points will be available starting with the beta launch.


Q: When can I start referring people to the program?

A: You can refer friends into the program as of today. The prelaunch enrollment form includes a question where referrals can include your name. When the program launches anyone you have referred to prelaunch will be included under your name (if after launch, you don’t see someone you believe should be your referral, please email us at After program launch, you will receive referral rewards based on the monthly preloaded funds of your referrals. There is no monthly preload requirement as the referrer to earn referral rewards but you must be enrolled in Luxury Rewards. Send referrals this link to get started: Just be sure to have them include your name when asked “Who sent you this link?”. Once the program launches you will receive a personalized referral link which you will use for all future referrals.


Q: How do I accrue Rewards Points?

A: After the beta launch, you will receive a reward for every monthly preloaded dollar you add to your Luxury Rewards jewelry fund. The percentage of rewards you receive is based on your current tier qualification—between 5%-10%.


Q: How do I accrue Referral Rewards?

A: After the beta launch, you will receive a percentage reward for every dollar of monthly preloaded funds your referrals add. The referral reward percentage is TBD but will be 5% or more. (Note: all members will be informed of referral rewards earning percentage prior to the program launch via email.)


Q: How do I increase my rewards tier status?

A: There are three ways you can increase your rewards tier status: 1. Increase the amount of your monthly preloaded funds to exceed the tier minimum, 2. Maintain a monthly preload at your tier for 12 months or more*, 3. Meet the referral requirements (coming with the beta launch, watch your email) for the next tier. *This rule is subject to change prior to launch and based on your starting tier. Updates will be made via email.


Q: What does Founding Member status mean?

A: First off, that you’re AMAZING! And secondly, as a Founding Member (meaning you enrolled during the prelaunch period), you will be granted early access to new program features, have the opportunity to participate in beta testing, be included in our feedback community and take part in exclusive giveaways. More benefits will be added as the program goes live.


Q: How do I participate in prelaunch giveaways?

A: As an enrolled prelaunch member, you are included in the prelaunch giveaways automatically. We’ll notify you via email when a giveaway is happening and announce winners via email as well.

We’re excited to help make your jewelry dreams a reality!


The above details are subject to change as the program launch nears. Please watch your email to stay informed of any updates.

If you have any other questions, please email or text us at 801-938-5970

Chat soon!

The Luxury Rewards Team