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An engagement ring is more than just it’s beauty, it’s a symbol of your relationship and unique love. If you consider yourself to be a nonconventional bride, it is perfectly fitting to find a unique engagement ring that not only shows off your eccentric style but tells your one and only love story.


Our Boho Engagement Ring Collection offers hundreds of beautiful options that you won’t often find on someone else’s finger. You can find rings with vintage beauty, earthy designs, urban vibes, or ones that embrace your free-spirited wild side.

Perhaps you are wondering if a boho engagement ring is right for you. You can ask yourself this: do you beat to the rhythm of your own drum? Does your day-to-day wardrobe set you apart from the fashion trends everyone else is wearing? What about your wedding? Are you planning on a nonconventional theme, special decorations, and unique accessories for your bridesmaids? If so, a boho engagement ring sounds like the perfect fit for you.


Here are some of the many different styles to choose from:

  • We have vintage rings for brides who love the look but didn’t inherit an heirloom of their own. You can create your own dream ring by starting the tradition for your new family with an antique setting and gorgeous rock!
  • For brides with a distinctive and edgy style, we have rings that make a statement. These engagement rings incorporate uncommon details with a one of a kind look. They aren’t something you see on the street every day!
  • You might be someone searching for a ring with a traditional look but with a slight twist. There are plenty of rings with unique settings and rocks that lean away from the standard white diamond.


As more brides (and grooms) discover the best kept secret of these unique rings to match their personality, boho engagement rings are becoming more and more popular. Does a boho ring sound like the right match for you? See some of these gorgeous rings below!

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