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(AGS), founded in 1934, is a non-profit organization dedicated to ethics and professionalism in the jewelry industry. The requirements for membership are rigorous. Only 5% of jewelers nationwide even qualify for membership, and even less of those are accepted.

Members must have extensive gemological degrees and specialized equipment as well as exacting ethical practices to be considered for membership. Once elected, members must pass a yearly re-certification exam to maintain membership. Any ethical complaints by other jewelers or the public are also carefully examined to determine if a member has acted inappropriately.

AGS has always conducted cutting edge research on diamond grading. This research has led to grading standards recognized as the most exacting and accurate in the industry. The best research on cut grading is from AGS, resulting in their 2006 introduction of the most reliable princess cut grading system ever invented. It is currently the only accepted princess cut grade used worldwide.

Advantages Of Buying From An American Gem Society (AGS) Certified Jeweler