Understanding Diamond Quality

You want a good price, but getting the best diamond quality is equally important. A little research will go a long way when it comes to understanding the diamond quality of an engagement ring and we’re here to help. Browse our extensive online information or stop by for a no- pressure consultation with our staff in Provo, so you too can understand diamond quality.

Diamond Grading

Diamond quality is defined by four grading criteria, called the Four C’s: Cut, Color, Clarity, and Carat-Weight. When comparing diamonds, never allow one of the four grading categories to go unmentioned, undefined, or casually glossed over.

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Ring Quality

You need to consider several issues about the quality of the ring mounting that will hold your diamond.

Certified Diamonds

Many diamond merchants and dealers in Utah will sell “certified” diamonds that may not be legitimate. A legitimately authenticated diamond is one that has been sent to the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) to be graded.

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Why Buy from AGS

Wilson Diamonds is a member of the American Gem Society (AGS), which provides you with several advantages. Peace of mind comes through licensing, accurate grading, monitored jewelers, and integrity.

Free Services

Wilson Diamonds provides guarantees and free services so that you receive the best customer service.

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Engagement Ring Guarantee

Wilson Diamonds firmly believes that we charge less for quality diamonds and rings than anyone or anyplace.

Learn how to get the best deal


Understanding Diamond Quality

No matter where you shop, every store will claim they have the best price. So who actually does and how do you know? At Wilson Diamonds, we’ll help you become an expert so you can find the best deal on your own.

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