The Wilson Diamonds Buying Experience

The Wilson Diamonds Buying Experience

It can be difficult buying any big ticket item, like a car or a house, especially an item that you intend to keep with you the rest of your life. Many people feel anxious, worrying about being taken advantage of by a disreputable sales person and losing a substantial financial investment.

Buying an engagement ring can feel just as daunting. It can feel intimidating just walking into a jewelry store! All that glass and sparkly jewelry. Smartly-dressed salespeople. Before you step through the door you instinctively clutch your wallet.

Maybe you know nothing about diamonds — or maybe you’ve done a little research on the web. You know just enough to feel nervous about the process. You’re worried about the financial cost, sure, but you’re also hoping you don’t have to settle for a boring ring. You want this engagement ring to be a symbol of the enduring love you share, so it needs to be perfect!

Ring Shopping Doesn’t Have To Be Nerve-Wracking

The founders of Wilson Diamonds, Keith and Richard Wilson, know exactly how you feel. In fact, the birth of Wilson Diamonds came out of Richard’s experience trying to buy an engagement ring for his own fiancée in 1974. The Wilsons wanted to create a different kind of jewelry store that would be welcoming, honest, and low-stress for everyone involved.

Friendly Staff

From the minute you walk in the door, you know there’s nothing schmoozy about the Wilson Diamonds sales staff. They aren’t paid by commission so they have no reason to pressure you. They’re friendly and approachable. They’re also educated gemologists who actually like teaching customers about rings and diamonds! They want you to feel welcomed and comfortable.

Honesty and Ethics

After you’re greeted, the sales staff are happy to show you around and give you the straight scoop on the rings you’re looking at. They won’t pressure you into buying something you can’t afford or don’t like. They respect your intelligence. You feel like you can trust them — and with good reason: Wilson Diamonds belongs to the American Gem Society, which sets a high bar for ethical practices in jewelry sales. They’ll even educate you about the sleazy practices some other jewelers may engage in so you don’t fall prey to their tactics.

Unmatched Quality and Value

When you’ve decided which ring you’d like to purchase, there won’t be any surprises. Your satisfaction is the only measurement that matters to the staff at Wilson Diamonds so they want you to make informed decisions on your own. Because you can trust your Wilson Diamonds salesperson, buyer’s remorse won’t crop up when you walk out the door. You’ll know you got the best diamond in the best setting that matches your budget.

Shopping For An Engagement Ring Can Actually Be Fun

When you feel taken care of and you trust your jeweler, believe it or not, shopping for an engagement ring can actually be a pleasant experience — one that you’ll remember throughout your lives together. Congratulations and have a wonderful wedding!

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