10 Karat Club

Jumpstart your guilt-free jewelry fund with the 10 Karat Club. Buying jewelry never felt so good with 10% referral rewards on every preloaded dollar. It’s free to enroll and start referring friends.

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The 10 Karat Club is designed to help you refer friends and build rewards in your Lux Rewards account even if you’re not ready to start preloading yet.

Here’s how it works

By joining the 10 Karat Club for FREE, you’ll be able to generate a referral link to Luxury Rewards you can share with friends. When your referred friends preload into their lux account, you earn 10% back in rewards points for every dollar they add. The best part is, you’ll continue to earn 10% back every month your referred friends preload into their Lux account. Isn’t the the sweetest deal you’ve ever heard of?

When you’re ready to start preloading your own funds, here’s what to do…

  1. Upgrade your subscription to the 14, 18, or 24 karat club depending on how much you plan to preload.
  2. Add to your Lux Account by preloading $10-$1,000 each month. 
  3. Get 5-10% rewards points added to your Lux Account for every preloaded dollar (1 point=$1).
  4. Shop for fine jewelry with funds from your Lux Account.
  5. You’ll still earn 10% in referral rewards from existing and future referrals.

Here’s how it works

Preloaded dollars and earned rewards points are combined into your Lux Account.

For example: 

    • Monthly preload amount of $100.00
    • Rewards points earned $10.00
    • Total Lux Rewards for the month $110.00

No contracts, no cancellation fees. Pause or cancel subscriptions anytime. Preloaded funds and rewards points stay until redeemed.

Additional information

Monthly Amount

$10.00/month, $15.00/month, $20.00/month, $25.00/month, $30.00/month, $35.00/month, $40.00/month, $45.00/month