Diamond Ring Pricing

What you can expect when buying an engagement ring

When it comes to fine jewelry you may or may not know what to expect when it comes to diamond pricing. That can make shopping for a ring a little intimidating. Check out the details below to get a better idea of what you can expect when it comes to buying an engagement ring. Please note the following examples and price ranges are based on average purchases and may not reflect your individual experience.


  • General Pricing
    • The 2017 average amount spent on an engagement ring in the U.S. was between $3,500 and $10,200. The amount you spend will vary depending on the type of ring you purchase and the size and quality of your centerstone.
    • When it comes to engagement rings, you can plan on spending between $1,500-6,500. In case you’re on a tight budget, the minimum range for a decent ring is usually about $500-$800. Of course you can spend more, but this range should give you a pretty good idea  of what to plan for when you are preparing to buy an engagement ring and pop the big question.
  • Ring Pricing (setting price only, not including center stone)
    • Ring prices vary significantly based on materials used (metal type, metal weight, diamond weight, number of diamonds, other gemstones) and quality of make. But to give you a general idea, most gold rings are priced somewhere between $450-$2,500—not including centerstone. Keep in mind, many designer rings are priced much higher.  
  • Centerstone Diamond Pricing (loose stones not in the setting)
    • Diamond prices are based on four main characteristics, the 4Cs to be precise. Mainly: Carat (Size: weight and measurement), Cut, Color, and Clarity. (see 4Cs) Every diamond is unique and every diamond is priced according to its unique attributes. That being said, for our purposes we are going to give example price ranges of diamonds that are larger than .25 of a carat and fall in the colorless to faint color range. The reason we’ll use this example range is because that is 95% of what is purchased for a centerstone in an engagement ring. Please note, the examples ranges given are based on average purchases and may not reflect your individual experience.
    • Typical Diamond sizes and their estimated price ranges depending on their other quality characteristics (See 4Cs). Diamonds of extremely high quality may exceed the top of the ranges listed here and vice versa.
      • 1/4 (.20 carat): $200-$600
      • 1/3 (.33 carat): $400-$800
      • 3/8 (.40 carat): $500-$1,100
      • 1/2 (.50 carat): $800-$2,000
      • 5/8 (.60 carat): $1,200-$2,400
      • 3/4 (.75 carat): $1,600-$3,200
      • 7/8 (.80 carat): $2,500-$3,600
      • 9/10 (.90 carat): $2,800-$4,000
      • 1 carat: $3,400-$5,000+
      • 1.5 carat: $6,000-$10,000
      • 2 carat: $12,000-$26,000
    • The best thing you can do when you are preparing to buy a ring is decide about how much money you are wanting to spend and find out what’s available in that range. You can shop around for the best value or you can save yourself the time and trouble and just come here first.
  • Financing Your Ring
    • If your not sure you have the cash/credit available to pay for your ring outright, ask us about financing with up to 2 years no interest. This can extend your budget by giving your more time to pay in monthly installments for anywhere from 6-24 months.
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