Make Finding The Perfect Engagement Ring The Easiest Part Of Wedding Planning

Make Finding The Perfect Engagement Ring The Easiest Part Of Wedding Planning

Wedding planning is complicated, you say? Girl, please! That’s like saying the ocean is wet. Of course there are tons of things that need to be bought, planned, prepared, and decorated. It can make your head swim.

But what if you could ask a fairy godmother to wave her wand and make the process easier? Even if it’s only one part? Well, just let me find my wand, because here comes the magic!

As your fairy godmother, it’s my duty to make your dreams come true. I’ve conjured up some tips that will make finding the perfect engagement ring — the ring you’ll wear for the rest of your life — the easiest task on your wedding planning list. Just check the boxes and abracadabra! You’ve got a gorgeous rock on your finger. There’s even a secret shortcut I can tell you about.

The Engagement Ring Shopping Checklist

What’s your budget?

If your fiancé is buying the ring, make sure you know how much he can afford. Gone are the days when the benchmark budget was “two months’ salary.” Today’s couples are free to choose whatever they can afford.

What’s your style?

What’s the vibe you want when you look at your ring? There are as many styles as there are brides. Some examples of style include: vintage, modern, traditional, artistic, and avant garde. These styles often have little to do with the age of the ring. For example, vintage-looking rings can be custom-made by today’s jewelers.

 What colors do you prefer?

No, I’m not talking about the bridesmaids’ dresses and the flowers. I’m talking about the colors of your engagement ring’s band and stone. The band part of your engagement ring can be made from different types and colors of metals. Diamonds come in different colors and many brides choose gemstones like rubies or sapphires. The cut or shape of the gemstone usually follows your style.

 How does it look and feel on your hand?

It might go without saying that you need to actually try on some rings before deciding on what you like, but believe it or not, this is a step that many brides skip and regret later. Check things like the weight and width of the ring, whether you want it to match your wedding band, metal allergies, and the height of the setting. Ask your friends and family what they would change about their ring if they could go back in time.

Now you’re ready to choose!

Venture forth, dear bride, and boldly buy the engagement ring of your dreams!

The Secret Shortcut

Fairy godmothers don’t go back on their word — and a little while ago I promised to give you an even easier method of ring shopping. Stand back because I’m about to lay down some powerful magic! Here’s the secret shortcut to making ring shopping the easiest part of your wedding:

 Get some help.

A master jeweler can make the ring-buying process a breeze. Trust me, girlfriend, when it comes to wedding planning, delegation is your best friend. Probably even better than a fairy godmother. Well, only a tiny bit better. Now, alakazam! Go off and have a fun and beautiful wedding!

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