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Getting The Date Right. #FiveWordsToRuinADate

By June 10, 2015No Comments

The dating world is a jungle. We all have had moments of success, and complete, utter failure. And that’s okay, because it takes a couple of “foot in your mouth” moments to recognize the great dates for what they are! That’s what it takes to find the one you’re going to spend the rest of your life with. Sometimes it’s you, and sometimes it’s your date who’s ruining the evening. Here are some of the biggest #fivewordstoruinadate to avoid saying yourself, or run for the hills when you hear your date say them.

1. “Let’s think of baby names!” or “I’m in love with you.” These are both normal things to say if you’ve been together for years, but on the first few dates, it makes you seem crazy and desperate.

2. “Can my mom come with?” and , “I still have bunk beds.” People who are unusually dependent on their mothers while in their 20’s are weird.

3. “I’m not a racist but…” This is just like preceding a rude comment with “Not to be rude but….” If you say that before hand, it doesn’t make the comment suddenly become a nice one.

4. “You play World of Warcraft?” or “What’s your favorite Starwars character?” If you’re a nerd that’s fine, but maybe don’t show all your nerdy cards right on the first date.

5. Definitely avoid saying something like, “So who is paying tonight?”, “Order from the dollar menu.”, and “How much do you make?”. Anything that focused on money makes you seem incredibly shallow, and focused on cost not the other person.

6. “Here, have a Tic Tac.”, “What an interesting outfit choice.”, and “Wait, this is a date?” If you’re thinking things like that, don’t say them out loud, it will only make them feel self-conscious.

7. “Indian food gives me gas.”, “I have irritable bowel syndrome.”, and “Don’t worry I’m not contagious.” Talking about disgusting health issues over dinner on a date is never the right time. Keep your health history to yourself.

8. “I know. I googled you.”, “So, about my online persona…”, “Let’s take a selfie first.” Preoccupation with technology is not a desirable thing.

Hang in there, daters. Before you know it, you’ll be laughing with your fiance over these awkward first date moments. Once you’ve gotten through all the madness and you’ve finally found “the one”, click here for your guide through the engagement process.