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Get Engaged With The Most Creative Winter Proposal

By January 23, 2015No Comments

Thinking about getting engaged? Now might be the best time! Christmas and Valentine’s day might be a little cliche, and it gives you chance to catch her totally off guard if you avoid a special day. If you’re stumped on how to do it, here are some ideas to help you brainstorm.

  1. Walk Down Memory Lane- There are several different variations of this idea, but the main point of it is to remind her how far you’ve come together. You can take her on a walk in the mountains right after a beautiful snow fall where you’ve tied pictures on the trees of you two together in order from when you met to now. That way, she’s literally walking down a lane of memories. You can stop and read how you felt at each of the big moments you’ve shared, or simply reminisce together. Decorate it with roses and christmas lights, and end at a gazebo or large, decorated tree.
  2. Scavenger Hunt- Send her on a scavenger hunt, hitting all of your special places. At each place will be another clue, and you can include a romantic story about how you felt or what you remember from that place or day. You can use the “walk down memory lane” idea as the last step, or find another fun way to meet her at the end and propose.
  3. Spell it Out- While doing an activity of some sort that means a lot to you both, you can find a way to spell out “Marry Me.” Some have put it in a field and rode in a helicopter or hot air balloon over it. You could go snowmobiling or four-wheeling up to the top of a hill or mountain and have a large banner displayed below. Since you’re proposing in winter, you can write in the snow, or form the letters with snow.
  4. Make it a Trip- Make it a weekend getaway by taking her to a cozy ski lodge in the mountains, a family cabin, or to a local tourist spot. She will welcome the escape from the stresses of her life, without having to take a full week off or spend tons of money. While away, you can get her a massage, go to romantic dinners, or see the local sites and find a way to work your proposal in.
  5. Get Sneaky- Think about ways you could really surprise her. Sometimes with a romantic date girls can see it coming, so how could you work it into her daily schedule to catch her off guard? You can work with her co-workers, friends, family, or classmates to come up with a way to interrupt her average day with a proposal. You can have her boss tell her there’s a meeting in the conference room where you are all set up and waiting, you can have her friends and family help you set up a surprise party, or you can lighten up her least favorite thing of her day by planning something special.
  6. Use Winter Sports- During the winter you can use skiing, snowboarding, sledding, tubing, or snowmobiling to help you propose. Think about what she enjoys doing during the winter and try to incorporate that into your plans. You can use any of these outdoor sports to lead your sweetheart to a secluded, decorated area where you can surprise her and pop the question.
  7. Use food- There are lots of ways that you can use food and drinks to propose to your loved one. Some have put the question inside a fortune cookie, spelled it out with spaghetti, or in the icing on a cake. There are also stencils you can use to pour chocolate or cinnamon powder through to create words on top of the whip cream on a hot chocolate. Usually it says “enjoy” or something like that, but you can make one that says “Marry Me?”. If your girl loves hot chocolate and snuggling up by the fire during the winter, that’s the perfect way to do it!

Remember to make it personal for her, get creative, and have fun surprising her!