Finding A Wedding Ring For Him

Finding A Wedding Ring For Him

When it comes to your wedding, you want everything to be perfect. After all, you’ve been dreaming about it almost your entire life. You’ve considered every detail, from the flowers, to the dress, to what you’d serve at your reception. You dreamed, planned, and made sure you weren’t leaving anything out.

Except Maybe One Little Thing…

The wedding band. You’ve probably imagined many times what your own wedding ring would look like. And you couldn’t have imagined a happier time than the moment you received it. All of that is just as it should be. However, chances are you didn’t give much thought to the ring you’d be buying for your future husband — until now.

Don’t Freak Out — We Can Help

Finding the right wedding band for your groom-to-be is a big deal. You want him to enjoy wearing it for the rest of his life. However, just because it’s a big decision doesn’t meant it has to be a stressful one. You should be enjoying this time of your life, not stressing over the details. A few simple steps can help get you going in the right direction.

Make it About Him

Consider his job, his hobbies, his likes and dislikes. You don’t want to select a ring that could get in the way or be damaged by his day-to-day activities. And don’t forget: the more often he has to take his ring off at work, home, or the gym, the more likely it is to get lost. Make sure his ring fits not only his finger, but also his lifestyle.

Don’t Blow Your Budget

When you have a wedding to pay for and a life to build, many couples find it more sensible to buy an inexpensive ring now, and plan to upgrade later when rent and student loans aren’t such a burden. An anniversary is a good time to upgrade to a more luxurious ring when you’ve had time to save.

Make it a Match

Your engagement ring and his wedding band don’t have to be a perfect match (the two of you already have that covered, right?). However, many couples like their rings to look like they go together. This may include a consideration of width, stone, or material. Some couples like to have their rings engraved. Whether or not your rings make a matching set is entirely up to your taste and budget.

Choose the Right Material

Find out if he prefers gold, silver, platinum, titanium, or tungsten. Does his personality match with something more classic or modern? Does he like to make a statement or prefer to play it cool? Think about who he is when choosing the perfect material. Also do your homework to learn more about the different types of metal. Here are some of the most popular choices, but talk to a jeweler for additional information and options.


  • Gold – The classic choice, but did you know lower-karat gold is actually more durable?
  • Silver – Affordable, but doesn’t boast the same durability as gold.
  • Platinum – Very durable, but also heavier than gold or silver, so you might be compromising comfort.
  • Titanium – Lightweight and extremely durable, but can be very expensive.
  • Tungsten – One of the more affordable options, and also quite durable. However, some types of tungsten are more resistant to scratching than others.

In considering all of the above and more, make sure you know your groom’s ring size. Even better, go shopping together and let him try on some rings to decide what he likes. The ring is a symbol of your never-ending love for each other. It should be the perfect fit, and like your marriage, be made to last.

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