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Engagement Ring Trends Of 2015

By January 23, 2015No Comments

If you’re hoping to get engaged to your sweetheart in 2015, you’re probably wondering what the latest and greatest trends are now. Although it does depend on your personal style, there are a few new styles that are starting to become more popular, and other styles that are popular now will continue. 2015 is going to be a fun year in jewelry fashion because styles are going back to the timeless, vintage looks, trying new things with completely modern looks, as well as combining the two and getting the best of both worlds.

Here are the top 5 looks for this year.

  1. Rose Gold- White gold and platinum used to be the go-to trendy pick for young brides, but now we’re seeing the style turn back to the feminine, coppery tones of rose gold and the classic elegance of yellow gold. This style allows the diamonds to stand out more because of their contrast in color with the medal of the band.
  2. Diamond Clusters- Instead of opting for a large center stone, many brides are getting large rings with a cluster of smaller diamonds put together. Jewelers can achieve this look in different shapes, but the most common is a round shape with several halos of small diamonds surrounding each other. This is a very vogue, vintage class look.
  3. Gemstone Rings- Because of several celebrities opting for gems for center stones rather than diamonds, it’s becoming a very stylish choice for engagement rings. Many use sapphires, emeralds and rubies. Not only is it cost effective, it allows you to personalize your ring more with your favorite gem, or the birthstone of a loved one. This aesthetic makes your ring completely unique and adds a bit of elegant charm.
  4. Different Shapes- Say goodbye to everyone having the same round or princess cut center stone diamonds! Although those classic cuts will definitely still be popular, more exotic shapes are becoming popular. Picking up momentum are asscher, emerald, cushion, heart, pear, marquise, and trilliant cuts. These cuts are art-deco era inspired, and add a little more personality to your ring.
  5. Halo Styles- The halo has been popular for a long time, and we don’t see that changing anytime soon. Halos are beautiful way to accentuate the center stone, and make the ring appear bigger and more eye-catching. They can be used with any shape of diamond, and are well-liked by most people.

Whether you’re into the modern floating settings and strong lines, or the ornate vintage styles, anything goes in 2015! More and more brides are breaking the rules with engagement rings and customizing them completely to what they love. Whatever your style is, don’t be afraid to go for it with your engagement ring in 2015.