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Upon your approval, the image from the computer is sent to a robotic milling machine that precisely carves the wax model of the ring. Because this wax engagement ring model determines how the finished ring will look, the milling process is a crucial step.

Wilson Diamonds, in Provo uses both methods to produce the highest quality wax engagement ring model possible. Traditionally, wax molds are hand carved. This means that a goldsmith sits down with a block of wax and carves out the design. While many hand carvers are very skilled, it is impossible to create prefect symmetry from one side of the ring to the other. Because of human error, the finished ring is far inferior to one that has been computer designed and machine milled.

Wilson Diamonds is the only jeweler in Utah that owns their own computer-controlled wax milling machine.

One side note about the wax model. Some designs that are very intricate in nature are not even suitable to be machine milled. In these cases, a solidscape 3D printing process is employed which grows the model layer by layer. This allows for intricacies that are otherwise impossible to attain. Once again, Wilson Diamonds is the only jeweler in Utah that offers this service.