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Learn how to get the best deal

Why Buy from AGS

No matter where you shop, every store will claim they have the best price. So who actually does and how do you know? At Wilson Diamonds, we’ll help you become an expert so you can find the best deal on your own.

Wilson Diamonds, in Provo, is a member of the American Gem Society (AGS). Only 5% of jewelers nationwide qualify for membership, and even less of these are accepted. Buying AGS certified diamonds from an AGS member has distinct advantages for your peace of mind, some of which are listed here.



There are no credentials required to be a regular jeweler. None. However, to be an AGS jeweler requires extensive licensing and formal degrees in gemology. They also choose to be subject to an annual review and abide by rigorous national standards.


Accurate Grading:

AGS jewelers have required specialized equipment and expertise that others lack. Most dealers guess at grading, and fail to give complete disclosure (like Cut grade).


Monitored Jewelers:

AGS jewelers are re-certified yearly. Jewelers have to take a national test to prove their grading expertise is current. Non AGS jewelers answer to no one.



AGS jewelers are held to a much higher standard of ethics than other jewelers. If other jewelers misrepresent, nothing happens. AGS jewelers will lose their title, which is equivalent to being “disbarred.”