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Questions You Should Ask

No matter where you shop, every store will claim they have the best price. So who actually does and how do you know? At Wilson Diamonds, we’ll help you become an expert so you can find the best deal on your own.

How do i know this diamond is graded correctly?

Wrong Answers:
“Because I’m a graduate gemologist.” (or because I’m trained). “Because all our diamonds are graded by GIA certified graders.” (not true) “We have an independent lab grade all our diamonds.” (Certified Diamonds)


Right Answer:
“Let me show you in our lab how the grade was determined. We can verify all these grades for you.” (Diamond Grading)

What is the cut grade on this diamond?

Wrong Answer:
“Round brilliant cut.” (all rounds are brilliant cut) “GIA doesn’t have cut grades.” (not true) “All our diamonds are Ideal.” (not true) “This is 90% Ideal.” (A Poor cut grade is “90% Ideal”)


Right Answer:
“Yes. This diamond is an Excellent GIA Cut grade, which I can verify in our lab.

Will you write down the complete grade on this diamond so I can go compare it with other jewelers?

Wrong Answer:
“Color, clarity, and weight only.” (Incomplete grade)


Right Answer:
“Color, clarity, weight, and cut specs.” (See Diamond Grading, Cut) Click here for a complete quote sheet

Do you have Color Master Grading Diamonds from GIA, and may I see my diamond next to them?

Wrong Answers:
“Yes, but they’re not here.”
“Yes.” (But no invitation to show you)
“We use a high tech colorimeter to grade colors.” (GIA doesn’t… See Diamond Grading)


Right Answer:
“Yes. Come back into our lab and I’ll show you how to verify this color grade.”

Do you guarantee to give me a refund if someone can offer this for less? Even Wilson Diamonds?

Wrong Answer:
“We offer the lowest prices.” (Avoids answering the question!) “I’m a wholesaler.” (Still doesn’t answer the question!)


Right Answer:
“Yes. We guarantee our prices with a refund against anyone.”

Do you carry ideal cut diamonds?

Wrong Answer:
“All our diamonds are Ideal Cut.” (not true)


Right Answer:
“Yes, an ideal cut is a diamond that is cut for maximum brilliance. They are much more beautiful than other diamonds. Let me show you how to tell an Ideal Cut.”

Do you sell all your diamonds loose from the mounting?

Wrong Answer:
“(Hem, haw) No.”


Right Answer:
“Absolutely. It’s the only way to show you the complete grades.”

Is this diamond on sale?

“Yes it is. It’s your lucky day!”


Right Answer:
“Sales” on diamonds are not legitimate. (See Smart Diamond Buying)

Is this diamond certified?

Wrong Answer:
“Yes, but not with a GIA.” (See Certified Diamonds)


Right Answer:
“Do you know what certification means, and what is a valid certificate?” (See Certified Diamonds)

Can you show me why this diamond is ideal?

Wrong Answer:
“You can see how it sparkles” (avoids the question) “Ideal cut is just a term or brand name” (not true)


Right Answer:
“Sure. Come into the diamond grading lab and I will show you.”

Can you beat the price from the Internet?

Weak Answer:


Good Answers:
“Yes, and we can show you how to compare prices with anybody.”

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