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Here are some common pressure tactics salespeople in Utah use to convince customers to buy impulsively. Pressure tactics to avoid. Don’t fall for these.

Remember, salespeople who use pressure lack confidence in their product, prices or sales pitch.

the store. You need to be free to shop around unencumbered.

This is only done to get the guy alone because pressure works better one-on-one.

This is an overly dramatic sales pitch to create pressure. Don’t believe it.

This can be a legitimate question late in a sales conversation but not as you walk in the door. It gives the salesperson too much information as to how you will be quoted prices. At no time should you be obligated to disclose your financial situation.

This is none of their business! Usually salespeople want to know this so they can unfairly discredit another store.

Don’t be fooled by this one. That price will still be available later. You are, in fact, more likely to get a lower price by shopping around. Also, if they can offer a lower price why did they start with a higher one?

Don’t agree to this. You don’t owe them anything. Once you find a better price, your promise will put you in an uncomfortable situation.

Sounds like a used-car salesman’s line. Do some shopping around.

This is a tactic to ensure that you come back (because you will have to get your money back). It’s done so the salesperson gets the last shot at you after you’ve looked around. Don’t commit yourself to returning. Some salespeople will actually have you sign a form which is actually a contract, not a “hold”.

Whoa. Stop right there. You don’t even know if you want to buy there yet. By approving you for a credit line, the salesperson ties up your credit so it is less likely you can be approved elsewhere!

If buying from that store is a good choice it will still be a good choice next week. Take your time.

So what? If you shop around you’ll most certainly find a better price from jewelers that don’t do “sales” (that aren’t really sales).

Please…! If they can offer a price now, they can offer it later.