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Learn how to get the best deal

Low Price Guarantee

No matter where you shop, every store will claim they have the best price. So who actually does and how do you know? At Wilson Diamonds, we’ll help you become an expert so you can find the best deal on your own.

It’s been mentioned before that every store will claim to have the lowest price in Utah, especially a diamond wholesaler.  What sets Wilson Diamonds apart is three fold:


  1. We don’t simply say this as a way to pressure you into buying from us.  We’re not worried if you shop around because we know our prices are the best.
  2. Our low price guarantee is actually in writing, rather than just a line said to pressure you into buying from us.
  3. Finding the lowest price is simply a matter of comparing price with quality, and then selecting the store that offers the best value.  Our staff, in Provo, is happy to take the time to give you the tools you’ll need to come to this conclusion on your own.