7 Awesome Ways To Propose To Your Loved One

7 Awesome Ways To Propose To Your Loved One

Getting engaged is a big deal. Aside from the wedding itself, the proposal is probably the biggest deal of your life so far. So when it comes time to pop the question, you want to create the perfect memory.

OK, But How?

You know that for years down the road, people will be asking, “So, how did you propose?” You might have planned out what you’re going to say. You might even have the engagement ring. But do you have an engagement night to remember? If you’re trying to come up with a unique and romantic proposal idea, first consider your sweetheart’s personality, likes, and dislikes.

Is she shy or easily embarrassed? (If so, proposing on the jumbo-tron at a basketball game might not be the best choice.) Would she appreciate something “outside the box” or does she have more traditional tastes? Is she more likely to cherish a private moment between the two of you, or one involving her entire family?

The choice is yours. But here 7 proposal ideas that might help get the creative juices flowing.

  1. Picture perfect – This is a fun way to catch her reaction when you pull out a ring. Take a casual or goofy picture first, then pull out the ring for the second picture and see her reaction in the next couple of shots. When it’s on film, neither one of you will forget the experience.
  2. Take a journey – Send her clues to some of your favorite spots. You can even plan a gift for each location. The final destination, of course, is where you’re waiting to pop the question.
  3. Puzzling proposal – Does she like puzzles? You can actually buy blank puzzle kits. Make yours a favorite photo of the two of you, or a photo of you holding the words “Will you marry me?” Do the puzzle together and be prepared with the ring when she deciphers the message.
  4. An engaging performance – Hire a singer, band, or even a talented friend to perform your meaningful song. Perhaps even better, dust off the old guitar or keyboard and sing it yourself. It’ll mean a lot to her.
  5. Build your princess a castle – No really, a sand castle. Go for a long walk along the beach. Take some time to build sandcastles or even have a little competition. When she isn’t looking, place the ring right on top.
  6. The most romantic movie ever – Suggest you watch her favorite movie. When you turn out the lights, wait for her to notice the glow-in-the-dark stars or letters spelling the question on the ceiling.
  7. Cupcakes and a question – Have a picnic. Ahead of time order or make 16 cupcakes, decorated to spell out “will you marry me?” Tell her you brought dessert. Either open the box and let her see the question, or let her arrange the cupcakes in the right order. Then bring out the last cupcake with the ring sitting on top.

Whether you use one of these ideas or come up with your own, she should know you made an effort to make this the greatest night of her life. Complete it with a beautiful ring, and you’re golden. Time to start planning a wedding.

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