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5 Mistakes That Men Make When Buying an Engagement Ring

By September 17, 2014No Comments

Choosing an engagement ring signals the beginning of major life changes, so it’s something that no guy wants to get wrong. However, most guys have never purchased an engagement ring before. That makes it difficult to even know where to begin. Even worse, inexperience can lead guys to make some fairly serious engagement ring mistakes. Here are the top five mistakes to be aware of as you begin the process of buying that perfect engagement ring.

1. Rushing to Make a Purchase

You’ve spent your entire life up to this point looking for that perfect girl, so why rush choosing an engagement ring? Taking your time is the best way to be certain that you’re making a good decision. Time gives you the opportunity to comparison shop at various jewelers. That way, you’ll begin to truly understand how some jewelers really are superior in terms of service and selection. You’ll be able to compare the style of the engagement rings, the quality of the stones and the customer service experience. Some shops use high pressure tactics to coerce you into buying a ring today. A quality jeweler is different. They work with you to help you find that perfect engagement ring without resorting to coercive tactics.

2. Not Learning About Diamonds

You don’t have to be a gemologist to be able to choose a beautiful diamond, and a little education can carry you far. Some guys make the mistake of not bothering to learn anything about diamonds. This just makes it easier to buy an inferior stone at an unreasonable price. A bit of reading about the four Cs: cut, color, clarity and carat is a good place to start. You can continue your education by working with a knowledgeable jeweler who can highlight everything you need to know to make a wise buying decision.

3. Not Making a Budget

Lots of guys have probably heard that they are obligated to spend three months’ salary on an engagement ring. Although this used to be a traditional guideline, there’s certainly no requirement to adhere to this standard. However, the three month rule did have the advantage of providing guys with a budget. While it isn’t necessary to spend three months’ salary, it is nonetheless essential to have a budget before you go ring shopping. Even more important is sticking to that budget. Not deciding on an appropriate price range is a recipe for disaster that could have you buying far more ring than you can afford. Craft a realistic budget, and then enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that you can afford the ring you’re buying.

4. Not Including Your Fiancee

Some women love to be surprised with a proposal and an engagement ring. However, it’s genuinely difficult for most guys to get the right engagement ring without any input from their girlfriend. If you’re determined to make it a surprise, try a proposal without a ring and then go shopping at the earliest opportunity. If a surprise proposal isn’t required, then ask your sweetheart what she would prefer or take her shopping. With her input, you’re guaranteed to choose well.

5. Not Considering Custom Rings

News of celebrity engagements always seems to mention an elaborate custom engagement ring. This may make it sound as if custom rings are only for the famous and ultra-wealthy. Most guys are very surprised to learn just how easy and affordable it is to have a custom engagement ring designed. If you aren’t happy with the rings you see on display, ask about custom design services. Chances are good that you’ll be pleasantly surprised.